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Love's Connect App: Find Locations, Check Rewards, and Get Real-Time Fuel Prices

Being a professional driver comes with some perks, one of those being reward programs at truck stops. If you are a member of these reward programs you can earn points to save money and get free stuff while on the road. Drivers can earn points at most major truck stop chains by simply fueling. Some programs even offer discounts on fuel and free showers. Take a look at a few of the programs offered and their benefits below.

Control unattended fuel sites. Real-time authorizations just like the truck stop. Initiate transactions with Fuel Cards, SmartQ RFID, or Start Code. Transactions can integrate with OTR fueling. Create new revenue by reselling fuel to other local fleets. Variety of hardware & software partners.

download loves truck stop app

You can easily find millions of truck-related Points of interest (POI) in our offline maps. Petrol stations, truck stops, weigh stations, rest areas, service stations, parking lots, restaurants, or campsites are always at hand. The app also offers multiple POIs along the route, just pick which POI category you want to see in notification center while navigating.

Plan and dispatch routes in the most efficient way. With Sygic Truck Route Sender - the easy to install and cost-free extension in Chrome and Firefox browser - you can easily plan your route with powerful Google Maps with up to 10 stops. Send the route to Sygic Truck Navigation and experience its advanced truck features. If the app is running, the route will get immediately calculated on your phone using Sygic Truck Navigation routing (based on your Truck or Van settings such as dimensions, weight, transported materials). If it is not open, you will receive a notification about the new route.

Founded in 1988, AMBEST is a Member-owned, nationwide network of independent truck stops and service centers. Unlike big Wall Street companies, AMBEST locations are family owned businesses places where you're likely to find the owner with his or her sleeves rolled up ready to take care of you anyway they can.

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