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Unciv APK: The Ultimate Civilization-Building Game for Android

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Have you ever wanted to play Civilization V on your phone or tablet? Or maybe you are looking for a way to customize your game with mods and maps? If so, you might be interested in Unciv apk, a free and open source remake of Civilization V for Android and desktop.

What is Unciv apk?

Unciv apk is an open source, mod-friendly Android and Desktop remake of Civ V, made with LibGDX. It is a small, fast, moddable, FOSS (free open source software), in-depth 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) that can still run on a potato. It is in active development and can be completed with various victory conditions: science, culture, domination, diplomacy, or time.

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What are the main features of Unciv apk?

Unciv apk has most of the features present in the Gods & Kings expansion of Civilization V, except for espionage. This means that you can choose from over 40 civilizations, each with their own unique abilities, units, and buildings. You can also enjoy the benefits of religion, culture, social policies, diplomacy, and trade. You can play on different map types and sizes, with different terrain features and resources. You can also adjust the game speed, difficulty level, and number of opponents to suit your preference.

One of the most appealing features of Unciv apk is that it supports modding, multiplayer, custom maps, and different tilesets . You can download and install various mods from the game menu or create your own using JSON files. You can play online with other players or locally with hotseat mode. You can also create your own maps using the map editor or import them from other sources. You can also change the appearance of the game by choosing from different tilesets, such as fantasy, sci-fi, or hexagonal.

Another feature that sets Unciv apk apart from Civilization V is that it has simple graphics that resemble the strategic view in Civilization V. This means that the game does not have any animations or detailed textures, but rather uses icons and colors to represent the units, buildings, and terrain. This makes the game run faster and smoother on low-end devices, but it also gives it a retro and minimalist charm. Some players might prefer the more realistic and immersive graphics of Civilization V, but others might enjoy the simplicity and clarity of Unciv apk.

What are some tips and tricks for playing Unciv apk effectively?

Unciv apk is not an easy game to master, especially if you are new to the genre or used to playing Civilization V. The game can be quite challenging and complex, requiring you to balance various aspects of your civilization and deal with various threats and opportunities. Here are some tips and tricks that might help you improve your gameplay and have more fun:

  • Invest in trade, especially with other civilizations that you have not met yet. Trade routes can provide you with gold, science, culture, and religious pressure, depending on your policies and beliefs. They can also help you establish diplomatic relations and avoid wars. Trade routes are especially valuable if you are playing as a civilization that benefits from them, such as Arabia, Venice, or Morocco.

  • Build archers and chariot archers for early defense and offense. Archers and chariot archers are cheap and effective ranged units that can help you fend off barbarians and enemy attacks in the early game. They can also help you capture enemy cities or clear out encampments. Archers and chariot archers are especially useful if you are playing as a civilization that excels at them, such as England, China, or Egypt.

  • Prioritize science and research agreements to stay ahead of the competition. Science is the key to unlocking new technologies, units, buildings, wonders, and policies. Research agreements are agreements between two civilizations that share a portion of their research output for a fixed amount of turns. They can help you boost your science output and catch up with or surpass your rivals. Research agreements are especially beneficial if you are playing as a civilization that focuses on science, such as Babylon, Korea, or Maya.

What are the pros and cons of Unciv apk?

Unciv apk is not a perfect game, and it has its own strengths and weaknesses. Here are some of the pros and cons of Unciv apk that you should consider before playing it:



Free, open source, moddable, fast, challenging, faithful to Civilization V

Plain graphics, limited sound effects, no animations, no espionage, missing some civilizations and units from Brave New World expansion

Overall, Unciv apk is a great alternative for fans of Civilization V who want a portable and customizable version of the game. It offers a lot of fun and challenge for strategy lovers who don't mind the simple graphics and sound. However, it might not appeal to those who prefer more realistic and immersive graphics, sound, and animations, or those who want to play with all the features and content from the Brave New World expansion.

How does Unciv apk rate overall?

Based on the criteria of gameplay, graphics, sound, replay value, and user reviews, we can give Unciv apk a rating of 4/5 stars. Here is a breakdown of the rating:

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  • Gameplay: 5/5 stars. Unciv apk has a solid and engaging gameplay that captures the essence of Civilization V. It has a lot of depth and complexity, as well as variety and challenge. It also supports modding and multiplayer, which adds to the replay value.

  • Graphics: 3/5 stars. Unciv apk has simple and minimalist graphics that are clear and functional, but not very appealing or impressive. It lacks animations and textures, which makes the game look dull and static. It also does not have any weather or day/night effects, which reduces the immersion.

  • Sound: 2/5 stars. Unciv apk has limited and repetitive sound effects that are mostly generic and bland. It does not have any music or voice acting, which makes the game feel silent and empty. It also does not have any ambient sounds or soundtracks that match the theme or mood of the game.

  • Replay value: 4/5 stars. Unciv apk has a high replay value due to its modding and multiplayer features, as well as its different map types, sizes, speeds, difficulties, and victory conditions. It also has a lot of achievements and statistics that track your progress and performance. However, it might get boring or frustrating if you play with the same civilizations or settings over and over again.

  • User reviews: 4/5 stars. Unciv apk has mostly positive user reviews on Google Play Store , , GitHub , and Steam . Users praise the game for its gameplay, modding, multiplayer, speed, challenge, and faithfulness to Civilization V. Users also appreciate the developer's responsiveness and updates. However, some users complain about the graphics, sound, bugs, crashes, balance issues, and missing features from Civilization V.


In conclusion, Unciv apk is a remarkable project that recreates Civilization V on Android and desktop with minimal resources. It offers a lot of fun and challenge for strategy lovers who don't mind the simple graphics and sound. You can download it for free from Google Play Store , , GitHub , or wishlist it on Steam . If you want to contribute to the development or modding of the game, you can join the Discord server or visit the GitHub page .

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the system requirements for Unciv apk?

  • The system requirements for Unciv apk are very low. You only need an Android device with Android 4.0 or higher (API level 15), or a desktop device with Windows XP or higher (32-bit), Linux (64-bit), or Mac OS X (64-bit). You also need at least 100 MB of free storage space.

  • How can I install mods for Unciv apk?

  • You can install mods for Unciv apk by downloading them from the game menu or from other sources (such as GitHub , Reddit , Discord , etc.). You can then enable them from the mod manager in the game settings. You can also create your own mods using JSON files.

  • How can I play multiplayer in Unciv apk?

  • You can play multiplayer in Unciv apk by creating or joining a game from the multiplayer menu in the game settings. You can choose to play online with other players or locally with hotseat mode. You can also set a password for your game to make it private. You can chat with other players using the chat button on the top right corner of the screen.

  • How can I support the development of Unciv apk?

  • You can support the development of Unciv apk by donating to the developer via PayPal , Patreon , or Liberapay . You can also support the developer by rating and reviewing the game on Google Play Store , , GitHub , or Steam . You can also report bugs, suggest features, or contribute code on GitHub .

  • How can I learn more about Unciv apk?

  • You can learn more about Unciv apk by visiting the official website , the wiki , the FAQ , or the changelog . You can also follow the developer on Twitter , YouTube , or Reddit . You can also join the community on Discord , Reddit , or Steam .

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