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Who we are?



Andrea: FOUNDER, Executive Chef 

Claudia: Sous Chef

In Abruzzo the stuffed sandwich is called  "La Stozza".
It comes from peasant tradition, when La Stozza was the middle morning snack during the work in the terms fields.

We have recovered some of the traditional recipes and combined them with the more modern ones based on the seasonality of the raw materials. 
Prepared  the sandwiches, we wrap them in paper and place them in the basket, just like writing our grandparents.
A fantastic garden with terrace is waiting for  you to taste your preferred sandwich.


Regional champions

...roba Da Matti 😜

...about us

"And we come to the Abruzzo regional champions. 
Fish burger, veggie burger, organic wines, beers, plastic free are the guiding principles of the format started just a year ago on the Costa dei Trabocchi by Federica Primofiore and Andrea Ottaviano, young people from Abruzzo who returned home after several years of experience abroad with the common idea of ​​putting oneself to the test in one's own place and experimenting with what has been learned, especially the art of fusion cuisine in London. 
This is how two founding members present themselves in the “Da Matti” social profile. 

Federica, after graduating in psychology, joins Andrea in London and immediately starts working in a Thai company where she has the opportunity to grow professionally. It remained there for three years and then in the largest British companies known all over the world as Annabel's in Mayfair. He also has the opportunity to work for Corbin and King and for Amazonico, also in Mayfair. 
Andrea has had the opportunity to work for Caprice Holding and, as mentioned, has worked in many kitchens such as Austrian, French, English, Irish and Italian. 
Claudia with almost 18 years of experience in the kitchen, supervising the work of her colleagues and reporting everything to the head cook, she takes care of the preparation of the sandwiches, both those already on the menu, and of the testing of new sandwiches."

- dal giornale "Virtù Quotidiane"

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